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Miami Speedboat Charters

Written by Steve Seigel.

There are majestic waterways meandering through Miami and the Atlantic Ocean is a few short miles away. With so much water, it is no surprise that boats provide the best transportation. Our speedboats in Miami are the latest in water racing technology and they have engines churning thousands of horsepower each. All of them are manufactured by leading companies on the market and they are luxurious beyond words. These are the brands that make up our fleet of offshore powerboats in Miami:

  • Rough Rider
  • Cigarette
  • Fountain
  • Skater
  • Sonic
  • Outer Limits

Why Charter a Speedboat in Miami?

Miami is a stunning city and you can explore it via car or helicopter. Neither offers as intimate a tour as our Miami Speedboat Charters and you can see so much more in far less time. Touring the city on our powerboats is by far the most exciting adventure available. Here are the reasons why hiring a powerboat is worth it in Miami:

  • Speed 

With thousands of horsepower, powerful engines and insane rpm’s; our boats are the fastest machines in the water. Cruising easily at over 100mph, they can go from 0-100mph in about six seconds. That is incredibly fast and inspires awe, wonder and phenomenal adrenalin.

  • Comfort 

Not only built for incredible speed, the designers of our racing boats left nothing out when it comes to comfort. In fact, our powerboats are luxurious with stylish textiles, spacious seating, genuine leathers and stunning interiors.

  • Sightseeing 

Chartering a speedboat is the best way to tour Miami. There are magnificent mansions with their own super yachts and boats parked along the waterways. There is indigenous wildlife and thick forests you can explore. There is also Downtown Miami with its shops, galleries, museums, bars and restaurants.

  • Groups 

Our ‘go fast’ boats can carry up to six passengers, depending on the model. This provides you with a truly fantastic group activity. After all, it is no fun talking about an experience nobody else knows about. It is far better to share the adventure, emotion and thrill amongst your friends.

  • Lunch in the Florida Keys 

Going to the Florida Keys for lunch is a favorite choice of our clients. The distance is enough to put the boat through its paces and allow it to reach its maximum speed. We can head out into the Atlantic Ocean and play with the boat’s features and performance. There are world-class restaurants abundant in the Florida Keys and you can enjoy a supremely tasty lunch before heading back to Miami at extraordinary speed.

  • Racing 

Our powerboats were built for racing and they perform at their best when going full throttle. There is little more exciting than matching speed for speed. You can charter two of our speedboats and race them against each other for the experience of a lifetime.

For adrenalin junkies and speed freaks, our Miami Speedboat Charters are the only way to see the city. Mind-bogglingly fast, they will take you anywhere you want to go in Miami and out into the Atlantic Ocean as well. We can stop for drinks, buy some souvenirs, lunch in the Florida Keys, ogle the biggest mansions and send the boat into overdrive. There is no shortage of wonder on our luxury speedboats in Miami.

Call today to book your Miami Speedboat Charter and experience the adrenalin of high velocity.